Evaluate Propolis
(What manufacturers do not tell you)

Selecting a good Propolis
Brazil’s Propolis contains more medicinal herbs and five times more pollen and is 1.5 times stronger than that harvested in the northern hemisphere.

Qualities of a good Propolis concentration:

1. A higher amount of Propolis (will taste bitter, spicy, and has a strong bite)
2. A lower amount of wax residue.

3. A lower level of alcohol (the scent and taste of alcohol should be very low.)
4. The Propolis origin should be from southeastern region of Brazil.
5. Elements such as honey, sugar, and other will demonstrate a higher reading or percentage in some measuring system.
6. Due to the popularity mass production has affect quality and grade.
7. The curing time or aging process determines also determines the concentration.

** As to measuring Propolis concentration there is no industry standard or government regulation.

In Brazil there is no uniformity in measuring the percentage of Propolis in concentrations.

There are three methods of reading:
1. Majority of manufacturers' state Propolis percentage based on the gross amount of Propolis mixed into the concentration. This is not an accurate measure of Propolis concentration. Not all the brute Propolis gets dissolved and the brute residue is filtered and disposed. Therefore, the actual concentration of Propolis will be much less. Quality and aging will also affect the net percentage of Propolis. Under this method our Propolis concentrate will exceed 85%.

These are accurate reading systems:
2. The Brix meter is another measuring system. This measures the refraction of liquids. The more solids dissolved in liquids the higher the percentage reading. The Alcohol alone measures 19% Brix, therefore, the higher the concentration of alcohol the higher the Brix percentage reading. Usually, the Brix percentage of Propolis concentrate that is cured in cereal/organic alcohol is 30% to 50% (Brix). A high percentage can be easily achieved by adding honey or sugar in the solution. We advise to use caution to those that than this range. Our Propolis concentration ranges from 41% to 45% (Brix).

3. The w/v system determines the dissolved amount of Propolis in the alcohol. This system is measured by evaporating the liquids - water and alcohol from the Propolis concentration then measuring the remaining solids. This process gives an accurate reading of the amount of Propolis. Using this system our Propolis exceeds 22% (w/v).

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